Consultation Service

The Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis (MIP) offers licensed mental health professionals the opportunity to obtain low-cost clinical consultation services from highly experienced psychoanalysts, all Supervising Faculty at MIP. These services are open to clinicians of all levels of experience, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and psychiatric nurses. One can receive up to 40 consultation sessions at a fee of $75 per session. This is an excellent opportunity to expand one’s clinical skills and gain knowledge in intensive psychodynamic therapy from an interpersonal/relational orientation. Services will be tailored to each therapist’s needs. These services can benefit therapists in many ways, including helping the therapist who:

  • Wants to deepen his or her capacity to engage with new patients and set the therapeutic frame
  • Is working with issues or patients with diagnoses that the therapist has little experience in
  • Has reached an impasse with a patient
  • Is involved in a process or enactment with a patient that is both anxiety-provoking and not well understood
  • Wants to deepen their work with transference – countertransference issues

If interested in these services, please complete the application.