Licensure Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis (LQP)

The Institute’s Licensure Qualifying Program offers to professionals who are not licensed in psychiatry, psychology or social work the core training of the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis augmented by additional course work and clinical experience that prepare the LQP candidate to apply for licensure as a New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst (LP).  The program is registered by the New York State Education Department as providing licensure eligible training that meets the educational requirements for obtaining the LP.

LQP candidates join candidates in the Certificate Program for the four-year curriculum of formal coursework and, additionally, take courses in Ethical Issues in Psychoanalysis, Research in Psychoanalysis and Culture, Class and Race in Psychoanalysis. Prior to commencement of first year classes, a two-day Orientation to Practice is given that provides New York State required training in Suicide/Homicide Risk Assessment, Psychopharmacology, Substance Abuse Management, Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting, Ethical Conduct and Scope of Practice.

LQP candidates also complete the requirements for personal analysis and supervised psychoanalytic experience required by the Certificate Program. All licensure related requirements for supervised clinical work that are not completed during the four year program must be obtained during a fifth year of clinical supervision under a New York State limited permit to practice.

For further details, please see the descriptions of  “Personal Analysis”, “Coursework” and “Supervised Psychoanalytic Experience” for the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis.


The LQP is open to professionals holding a masters level or higher degree from a university program registered with the New York State Education Department.

A non-refundable application fee of $50 must accompany the application. To pay the application fee please see below and select CPP/LQP.

Application fee

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For further information call the Manhattan Institute at (212) 422-1221


Tuition fees and supervision and personal analysis expenses are as set forth for the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis.  LQP candidates will also pay an additional fee for the three supplemental classes required for licensure by New York State.


Upon completion of the Licensure Qualifying Program and approval of the Training Committee, LQP candidates are awarded a Certificate in Psychoanalysis and, subject to completion of the New York State experience requirement, will be qualified to apply for licensure as a New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst.