Training & Education

An Overview

Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis

The Institute offers an intensive and comprehensive psychoanalytic training program. Our core theoretical framework is Contemporary Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, with emphasis placed upon the study of this interpersonal orientation in both its historical and current theoretical contexts. The curriculum includes traditional psychoanalytic relational models. Our faculty and supervisors represent the range of contemporary psychoanalytic orientations.


Certificate Program in Trauma Studies

In 1989, Manhattan Institute became one of the first postgraduate institutions to offer specialty training in trauma. The Institute’s Trauma Treatment Center now offers a two-year program leading to a Certificate in Trauma Studies.

This two-year long sequence builds on the success of more than 20 years’ experience educating mental health professionals in the theory and practice of intensive, psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy with adults who have a history of significant early-life developmental or interpersonal trauma. Readings and class discussion represent the interface of the fields of psychoanalysis and traumatology.


Licensure Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis (LQP)

The Institute’s Licensure Qualifying Program offers to professionals who are not licensed in psychiatry, psychology or social work the core training of the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis augmented by additional course work and clinical experience that prepare the LQP candidate to apply for licensure as a New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst (LP). The program is registered by the New York State Education Department as providing licensure eligible training that meets the educational requirements for obtaining the LP.

LQP candidates join candidates in the Certificate Program for the four-year curriculum of formal coursework and, additionally, take courses in Ethical Issues in Psychoanalysis, Research in Psychoanalysis and Culture, Class and Race in Psychoanalysis.  LQP candidates also complete the requirements for personal analysis and supervised psychoanalytic experience required by the Certificate Program. All licensure related requirements for supervised clinical work that are not completed during the four year program must be obtained during a fifth year of clinical supervision under a New York State limited permit to practice.


One-Year Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program offers a dynamic opportunity for beginning clinicians to immerse themselves in the theory and practice of Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Students will explore how, with a foundation in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, the knowledge and use of the interaction between therapists and patients has enduring benefits.

The year-long program is divided into three trimesters, with a theory course and a clinical course each trimester. This dual approach is an opportunity for students to gain valuable theoretical knowledge, while also expanding and deepening their professional skills and developing their own identity as a psychotherapist.

The program offers both a clinical track and a coursework only track. The clinical track provides an opportunity for licensed candidates to be supervised on one patient for 30 hours of individual supervision.


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