WORKSHOPS: Multicultural Committee

Have you questioned how your cultural background, beliefs, norms play out in the consultation room? Are having similarities to the patient a barrier in treatment? How do cultural assumptions affect the treatment alliance? What are the cultural, racial and inter/intra-ethnic implications in the transference/counter-transference dyad?

In January, the Multicultural Committee at Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis hosted a workshop with Judith White, LCSW on the Impact of Race/Ethnicity on Countertransference/ Transference in an inter/intra ethnic dyad.  A lively discussion and further questions ensued on how to best approach our practice with a culture in mind.


Please join us to continue the discussion.


Sunday, May 18th


1:00pm to 3:00pm



Office of Julie Hyman, LCSW
501 Fifth Avenue #814 @ 42nd Street



PLEASE RSVP to Rossanna Echegoyén, LCSW at


Founded in 2013, The Multicultural Committee of the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis, seeks to encourage the exploration and discussion surrounding cultural variables, often excluded from the psychoanalytic literature that invariably shape unconscious / conscious processes. Through the psychoanalytic training curriculum, colloquia and workshops, we aim to inform our practice and our lives by being more aware of assumptions vs. reality (thereby becoming more aware of how our assumptions impact what we perceive as “reality”). Finally, we highlight how the psychoanalytic culture is another dimension of multicultural complexities where we honor difference and sameness. In addition, the Committee seeks to highlight the culture of psychoanalysis as another dimension of multicultural complexities patients must contend with, as we, the analysts work towards a consensual validation of sameness and difference.