DATE:    Sunday, June 11th
TIME:     11am-1pm
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Are you a social worker or psychologist looking to deepen your work with patients?  Do you need clinical credits for the LCSW or LP license?  Are you a postgraduate in any other profession looking for a new or additional career.  MIP offers a broad based curriculum with an interpersonal orientation.  Coursework includes both classical psychoanalytic theory and contemporary interpersonal/relational models.

Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis

Certificate Program in Trauma Studies

Licensure Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis

One-Year Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The Licensure Qualifying Program provides all clinical and academic prerequisites for the New York State licensing exam and is open to all postgraduate level applicants.  No clinical experience or mental health background is required.

Programs are affordable and accommodate a work schedule.  All classes are held on Thursday nights.

LQP and LMSW candidates see patients in our clinic under supervision.  These clinical hours count toward LP and LCSW licensing.

Being part of an institute community can provide expanded opportunities for networking with colleagues, for building and expanding a practice, and for continuing professional growth in a supportive environment. Please come to our open house and learn more about us in an informal gathering.  Current candidates,  recent graduates, and faculty members will all be available to answer your questions. If you have met with or contacted us previously, we thank you for your interest and welcome you to this event.