2017 Fundraising Appeal

Dear Members and Friends of the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis,

As new co-directors, we are proud to note that the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis is currently in its 37th year as a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide rigorous academic training to professionals and to provide affordable psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and trauma treatment to the community at large.  The values of the Institute that we wish to reinforce are inclusiveness, equality, diversity and transparency. With this letter, our first fundraising appeal, we also want to acknowledge the essential role fundraising plays in maintaining our Institute.  We hope you will consider continuing to support our mission or become a new supporter.

We are also very pleased to report that the Institute is vibrant, vital and continuing to grow.  Following are the most recent developments:

• Over the last year, our Treatment Center, which offers low fee psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to people in the community, has received over 200 requests for referrals.  Candidates, graduates, and faculty are currently seeing nearly 100 people in our clinic program. This is wonderful news, but it also means that we have taken over more office space and are losing rental income.  Your contribution helps us maintain our financial stability and helps us provide more treatment to people who might otherwise be unable to afford mental health care.

• This year the combined 5-year Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis and Licensure Qualifying Program has a class of nine first year candidates and the steadily growing 2-year Trauma Studies Program has a class of eight first year students. Your contribution helps us with our marketing and outreach.  We also have a small but dedicated One Year Program.

Continuing Education
• In addition to our long-standing Colloquium Series, which has been an important part of the Institute’s outreach, we continue to have considerable success with our Seminar Series. This year’s courses include John Turtz, PhD., on couples therapy, Irwin Hirsch, PhD, on the productive and unproductive uses of countertransference, Sue Erikson Bloland, LCSW, on the nature of fame from a psychoanalytic perspective, and, co-sponsored by the Trauma Studies Program, Frances Sommer Anderson, PhD, SEP and Eric Sherman, PsyD, on the use of a psychoanalytically-informed treatment method for pain disorders, as well as  Margaret Crastnopol, PhD, on the effects of micro-traumatic experience, which will be our first webinar.

• We also have a half-day workshop with Anthony Bass, PhD, scheduled for January 7th, 2018.

• We are fully committed to continue the cross-racial dialogue amongst the members of the Institute and to re-establish the Sexuality and Gender Initiative.

• We are pleased to announce that in the last year several members of the Institute, including, faculty and candidates, have given presentations at psychoanalytic meetings and conferences and have had their papers published in prestigious psychoanalytic journals.

As we continue to grow, your generous contributions are needed to secure our full annual budget and to maintain our financial sustainability.

The Manhattan Institute community is a unique one.  Members, including candidates and faculty, volunteer their time to direct programs and work on committees.  Faculty are not reimbursed for teaching their courses. They are committed to training future therapists in an environment of openness and respect for the exchange of ideas.  Ours is a dynamic community, and, as a non-profit, fundraising is necessary to keep our community vibrant and growing.  Your gift of whatever size is greatly appreciated and will make a significant impact in maintaining the Institute’s important work.

Your contributions can be made using credit cards. You can make a one-time contribution or become a sustaining member by arranging a monthly contribution. No amount is too small, and any contribution will go a long way to helping the Institute continue its mission.  As we always like to highlight, what we provide is essential, and the essence of what we do lies in service.

Veronica Csillag, LCSW

Steve Kirschner, LCSW

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