Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis Readings Year 5

 Candidates in the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis may elect to design a specialized course of study for their fifth year. Typically, there are no course requirements for the fifth year. Candidates often choose to create an informal study group, based on the group’s interests, meeting with a faculty member of their own choosing. However, upon consultation with the Co-Directors, fourth year candidates may also choose to create a specific course of study in a specialty clinical or theoretical area for their fifth year of study. To use a college analogy: if adult psychoanalysis is the “major” we currently provide, the Fifth Year Specialty Training will be the “minor.”

Examples of such areas of study are: adult development, intersubjectivity, psychoanalytic research, child therapy. The specialty training will consist of three integrated courses. If the specialty is clinical, an additional individual supervised experience of 40 hours will also be required. If the specialty is theoretical, an individual mentor will be assigned to supervise the writing of a scholarly paper. The class will participate in the creation of this individualized program, and will be expected to begin this process no later than the beginning of the fourth year. Upon completion of this specialty training, and upon approval of the Training Committee, candidates are awarded a Certificate of Completion of Specialty Training.

The faculty, drawn from the Institute and the wider community, will have extensive experience in the theory, practice and/or research of the specialty area. A particular year’s specialty course of study will also be open to graduates of the Institute. The Fifth Year Specialty Training will not be open to those outside of the Institute. The fee for the coursework and the supervision will be that of the regular course of study in the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis.