Below is a list of procedures that should be followed in your consultation work with candidates in our Trauma program.

  1. Registering your consultee – When you begin working with a new student, either you or the candidate should let us know. This is the only way that we can track students’ participation in consultation and monitor their fulfillment of the requirements for the Certificate. Please email the office at with the following information: name of student, whether they are in their first or second year, and the start date with you.
  2. Billing  -The fee per session is $50. Please do not use your own letterhead to bill students. Please do use this Invoice Form (CLICK HERE). Please give each student a monthly invoice and instruct them to make payments directly to the Institute and submit to the office. You will receive payment by check from the MIP office approximately 30 days after the  student’s payment has been processed.
  1. Year-End Evaluation – Please provide a summary of the student’s participation in the consultation process by May 1 of each year (even if you have not completed 30 sessions). The summary/evaluation is intended to offer the student constructive feedback and to inform the CPTS Training Committee of their progress.To access the appropriate Evaluation Form (CLICK HERE).

A copy should be given to and discussed with the student and a duplicate submitted to the MIP office for review by the Trauma Program Training Committee. Please be sure to indicate if there are any significant concerns about the student progressing to their second year or being conferred a Certificate after completing their second-year coursework.

As a reminder, 30 sessions are required in each of the two years of study and students must work with two consultants in order to graduate.