About Us


The mission of the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis (MIP) is two-fold: to provide advanced clinical training and to provide the community with referrals to specialized clinical services at an affordable cost.


MIP was established in 1980 and chartered by the Board of Regents of the State University of New York.  At that time, a number of major institutes offering training in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis in Manhattan were not admitting licensed social workers into their programs. In opposition to the long history of exclusion in the field of psychoanalysis, MIP from its onset admitted social workers and held fast to an underlying philosophical foundation of inclusion, egalitarianism, and an atmosphere of social harmony.  The mission was to provide an intellectually rigorous certificate program in psychoanalysis that explored various psychoanalytic traditions, but upheld the Interpersonal tradition as its core theory and praxis.  MIP quickly became and has remained a vibrant community, now offering training from a Contemporary Interpersonal Perspective and offering psychoanalytic treatment to the community at affordable costs.

The training programs offered at MIP include:

In addition, MIP is proud of both its LGBTQ Initiative, with its focus on gender and sexuality issues, and its Multicultural Committee, with its focus on the impact of cultural variables as it informs our practice.


MIP is governed by the Board of Trustees, the Co-Directors, the Executive Committee, and Standing Committees.

Psychoanalytic Society

MIP has a Psychoanalytic Society for all candidates, graduates, and faculty.  The Society supports both the endeavors of MIP and the needs of its graduates.

Sexuality & Gender Initiative

The Sexuality and Gender Initiative (SGI) aims to emphasize and expand awareness and education about sexuality and gender at MIP. Learn more here.

Multicultural Committee

The multicultural committee meets monthly.